Wedding Videography-Memorial Hall

Updated: Jul 30, 2018

We experienced the hottest days in years. Renata and Ernest were lucky to get married in June ,when it was just incredibly hot. I had to use this opportunity and take them outside the hall to capture a few additional moments.

The love was definitely in the air. They are very affectionate and careful of their daughter. Ernest had, indeed, a winning personality, and a warm, generous nature, which made him greatly beloved by his family and friends; he was humorous, and light-hearted. Renata, on the other hand, is a light source, warm open and energetic. The wedding had a bit of a birthday party theme. As we found out later on, her daughter had a birthday the same day.

The guests stayed up till late, having a great time dancing and celebrating.

The Ceremony, Bread, Salt, Vodka: the Reception Begins, cake and oczepiny+more dancing

At the Stroke of Midnight: Oczepiny

Where many weddings would be winding down as midnight approaches, a Polish wedding is just approaching one of its most traditional moments – the removal of the bridal veil. This ceremony, called “oczepiny”, traditionally represented the transitional moment for the bride as she moved from her single youth towards her married future.

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"If you're lucky enough to have married your best friend:)"


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