Wedding at Burtwood Court Hotel-Barnsley

Beautiful Wedding


It is 2nd of June and we have another fantastic wedding to share with you.

This time, I went to Burntwood Court Hotel in Barnsley, which offers a unique combination of facilities for gym, health spa, weddings, fine food and business facilities in West Yorkshire.

I met the couple before the wedding to check all the details.

When I have an insight, I have a feeling or emotion that help me to know something essential about a person or a thing. This time, I found out that Lyndsey is such a warm person, and she really wanted me to capture the children and Jack's entrance, while she was making herself ready. There’s just something extremely beautiful and moving about watching two people join their lives together when everyone present knows it’s the right thing, the right path. It makes the celebration afterwards that much more joyous.

On the first meeting, Jack told me he broke his hand at work just before coming to the meeting. My heart opens up to them when I saw how dedicated he was to be present and be there for Lyndsey. When the majority of boys would probably prefer to go straight to the hospital and let their girlfriends deal with the 'nasty videographer'! :-)

It reminds me of #BradPitt quote ''Do you know how to tell real love? It's when someone else's interest trumps your own.''

The couple has requested just one videographer, and they had another photographer from Nottingham area. ( Louise Rowley,

The final full-video will be released soon but, in the meantime, I want to share a couple of screenshots. Some were done in 1080p and some are 4 k.

The video has very unique style, with a bit of a Matte effect, which blends perfectly with the overall feeling of the day. The weather was not too hot and not too cold. People came from all around the world to celebrate these moments together. It was a day full of laughter, fun and amazing memories for everyone.

Lyndey's and Jack's wedding

Wedding Videography! Smile!

Wedding Videography

Wedding Vows

Saying Yes!

The video, of course, has naturals colours, not black and white, but I wanted to get a bit creative here.

Wedding Speeches Films

Wedding Speeches

Wedding Videography Barnsley

Wedding Videography

Beautiful Wedding Moments

Group Photo Wedding Videography

Kids wedding photography

We want to remind that we make videos and photos all around Yorkshire, Nottingham, Manchester, Leeds and more!

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