Top 5 UK wedding photography trends in 2018

Updated: Jun 7, 2018

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Planning the perfect wedding is one half of the puzzle… capturing the perfect wedding moments is the second half.

Who wouldn’t fancy their wedding’s perfection being the talk of the year? Or who wouldn’t love to behold their wedding pictures years from now with a brilliant smile? We all do!

2018 is already on its way, but I just thought it would be beautiful to highlight the top 5 UK wedding photography trends to help intending couples decide what features to include in their wedding photography preparations.

These top trends need not be completely absorbed into your wedding photography plans. It should be customized to agree with your personalities and fashion style. The top 5 trends are listed below.

1. Unplugged wedding parties: This is the top UK trend in 2018 and it stems off the fact that various throughout the normal ceremony, most visitors have their phones over their faces, trying to capture the moment. Unplugged weddings ensure that no phones or cameras must be used during the ceremony as guests are encouraged to experience the moments and not act as photographers. This wish can be actualized in two basic steps; placing a sign at the entrance stating that this is an unplugged wedding and by having the Master of ceremony discourage guests from using their cameras during the event.

2. Aerial coverage: With the rising popularity of drone technology and their ability to provide impeccable aerial surveillance, it is little wonder couples are increasingly requesting their use for wedding coverage. The shots produced by these gadgets are highly unparalleled and dramatic, thereby spiking their demand in 2018.

3. High-end pre-wedding shoots: This is currently one of the top 2018 trends as couples are investing heavily in executing the perfect pre-wedding shoot so they can relax and enjoy the actual wedding ceremony. With an engaged stylist, makeup artist and photographer, couples and their trains are known to travel to popular locations and deck out for their pre-wedding shoots.

4. Candid shots: Couples are getting increasingly bored at the prospect of spending long grueling hours posing for the cameras during their big day. What they want in 2018 are camera ready photographers that capture countless candid moments within seconds. Thanks to the rapid advancements in camera technology, photographers in the UK now capture almost every motion of the couple during their wedding ceremony.

5. 24-hours teasers: There is rising demand for a small set of images (15 to 20) to serve as social media teasers. These images are selected and edited speedily for next day delivery to the couple who would readily post them on their respective pages as highlights of the event.

Because couple’s needs are ever-changing, photographers, creatives, and wedding planners would have to keep abreast of all their current preferences and develop skills and capabilities to meet and surpass them. So, whether couples request on-the-spot photo edits, smoke bombed imagery or underwater video coverage, UK wedding photographers must be willing to go the extra mile in delivering their client’s desires.


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