My top 5 filmmakers and photographers values

Updated: May 5, 2018


Be authentic to your style and values. Follow your gut. Look for your own unique style and techniques that will make you stand out from the crowd. Talk in an authentic way to your clients, instead of using terms that they don't understand.


Balance between what you think you might be able to do,and what you can actually do. Don't overload yourself with more work, if you are not able to keep us with it. This leads us to #professionalism and #reliability. Less quantity, more quality.

#BeautyCompassion& #Transformation

Inside digital video world, beauty is everything. It is so important to find a moment for yourself during filming. Compassion will lead you to better and deeper understanding of the mood, on the day. It will also help you to connect with people around you.

#Challenge & #Inspiration

Curiosity and adventure is an inherent part of a human nature. Doing the same things all the time will eventually burn

you out. Craft your content but stay open. Explore new ways of doing things and challenge yourself from time to time. As an example, every now and then I take a camera and I film nature, architecture, people or animals around me for free. I do this for myself. I do not think of an end result because I want to stay close to my inner energy. I am looking for a freedom.

If you are afraid to accept a new job, you might think it is 'too big' for you and you wouldn't be able to handle it, think again. Am I ready for the new exciting challenge? Don't listen to your thoughts, feel it within you. Embrace and drive change. The core aim of everything is to grow and expand.


Do more with less. Simple.

I always believed that taking tons of equipment will only make you slower, more stress and less productive. By the end of the day, we are there to capture the moment. If you think about 'which lens should I use', instead of how can I present emotions that I see and feel, you already lost the whole point. Know your equipment well. Loose the 'Equipment, 4K dilemma. Enjoy x


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