The Real Cost of wedding photography/videography

Updated: Jul 24, 2018

Wedding Videographer Cost Explained

Why does a wedding photographer/videographer cost so much?

Recently, I've had a very interesting discussion with my friend Joe, who is getting married in Germany about the cost of a wedding photographer. She said:

-Anabelle, I cannot believe that I have to spend €2,000 for a photographer. My fiancé wants to book it, and he must be crazy!

Well, let me explain you something. There are a lot of wedding photographers and videographers out there. If you google 'wedding photographer near me', you will probably find at least 50 of photographers ready to give you their services. The thing that my friend Joe couldn't understand is, YOU CAN book a photographer for €200, €600, €1500 or €2500, the choice is yours. A lot of couples book based on prices. I believe that after spending few thousand on your wedding dress, jewellery, venue, limo, food, alcohol, hotels etc. You want to remember this day forever. Not only remember, but have some real proofs of it, to show it to the future generations. So after spending £27,000 in total, do you really want to save 400 pounds on the person who will capture these memories forever?

The Average Total Cost of a Wedding in 2017= £27,000

As I said the choice is yours. I want to give you an insight into how much a professional has to spend before he will even start to do his job.



Lenses- £1,500

Laptop, pc- £2,000-£3,500

Printer, paper, cartridge- £50


*VERY IMPORTANT-Equipment Backups, which includes a second camera in case if something happens - £1,500

Total basic cost- £8,000

Additional Videographer Cost:


Audio equipment- £500

Tripod, £150


Color Grading Software-£250


Additional Camera,tripod,microphone renting-£200

Total Additional Videographer Cost-£ 2,000

Monthly cost for wedding photographer/ wedding videographer

Editing Softwares-£30


Website and online presence-£30



Online Galleries

1 x Usb Box-£30-£60

1 x album- £150-£350

Total monthly cost- £500

+Car and car insurance if he wants to get to the client


+Daily rate for second videographer/photographer

+Cost for making a professional website (£500-£3500)

+Business Cards and any other business relating cost

Photography editing time- One and a half week

Videography editing time- 4/6 weeks

I think you can do the total math. A photographer job is not just the camera, few clicks and job done. There are a lot more monthly spending and even more jobs to be done.

Imagine, an average office worker could be doing sales in the office for 8 hours.

An average photographer is responsible for marketing, customer service, portfolio making, he has to play a role of photographer, accountant, marketing manager, sales person, friend, driver, CEO manager, layer, and the list goes on and on. Usually the phone is ringing 24/7, and the calendar is full with 'to do list'. On top of this, the creativity has to come in the most important moment.

As Mark said:

“It’s hard to compare photographers based on price, because so much of what you’re paying for is about the quality of service and personality of your photographer. It’s worth investing in someone who’ll not only take great pictures but help you have a fantastic day, and so I think it’s important to meet them before you book.”

Wedding photography is a luxury service and there is absolutely no imperative for you to provide customers with an audit. I do believe this is one of the most beautiful professions out there. It is also very rewarding. I cannot replace seeing happy couples after delivering their final product, with anything else. Amount of gratitude that you can't get in any corporate company. So, it is your job as a couple to book someone who will make you feel comfortable. Do the job well, knowing that he is worth the price.

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Love x


The Real Cost of wedding photography/videography

The Real cost of wedding Photographer

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